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BridgeCom Systems Giveaway

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I thought that this might be of interest to the club and so I am posting it here:

BridgeCom is running a Giveaway worth $4k plus worth of gear.


The list includes

AnyTone AT-D578UVIIIPRO - $399.99 - Tri band DMR Mobile radio 


Duracomm 18A Desktop Power Supply - $149.99 - Mobile radio power supply 


AnyTone Tri-Band Antenna - $99.99 


AnyTone AT-D878UV Plus II - $299.99 - Dual band DMR Handheld radio 


SkyBridge Plus Digital Hotspot - $349.99 - Dual band DMR Hotspot 


Nagoya 701 8-inch High Gain female Antenna - $24.99 


USA and International Hotspot Super Codeplug x 2 - $100.00 - Done for you codeplug program file 


Plug and Play Programming Service x2 - $150 


Bridgecom University for SkyBridge, Mobile, Handheld, and g90 - $388.00 - Step by step instructions and in-depth training 


Xiegu G90 HF Transceiver - $ 449.00 - All mode all band 20w HF radio with built in antenna tuner, and accessories 


Xiegu G90 Antenna - $119.99 


Xiegu G90-H1 Cooling Bracket - $ 69.99 


Xiegu G90 CE-19 Data Interface Expansion Card - $ 34.99 


BridgeCom Systems Hat - $24.99 


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