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Mesh Networking  


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March 3, 2019 1:18 pm  

FYI, if anyone is interested in ham radio-based mesh networking, I usually have an AREDN mesh node operating at my QTH.

My node is setup on 2.4 GHz, channel -2, with the "AREDN" SSID (default with the AREDN software) and 10 MHz bandwidth. 

It is currently using a Ubiquiti M2 HP Bullet into a 15 dBi Yagi antenna and pointing to the NNE (towards DIA from Castle Rock), but I am happy to re-aim the antenna to anyone who gets a node up and going in the Parker/Castle Rock area and has a chance of being line-of-sight, or close to line-of-sight, with my location. Attached is a photo of the Ubiquiti Bullet M2 HP and Yagi antenna on one of my roof vent pipes, so you can see how small the setup is. Pretty much out of sight, so HOA friendly.

Don't know what AREDN is? Check out their website:

Lots of microwave RF fun combined with networking (audio and video streaming, experimental websites, VoIP telephony, tunneling, etc.)

Relatively inexpensive - most node transceivers under $100.

Happy to answer any questions about how to get started.


Gary, WB5PJB



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May 28, 2019 10:24 am  

Do you think the signal would make it to smokey hill and e470? We have a couple wrt54g's flashed with the ham firmware.


Wayne, N0AD