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Anytone 878 hack for direct entry talk groups

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Anytone 878 DMR Talkgroup Hack


This works with the Anytone 878 and probably 868 DMR radios and is a simple way to direct enter any talk group into the keypad and minimize the need for an extensive code plug.  It works with you local hotspot or local repeater frequencies.


  1. Must have the 4000 Unlink and Talk group 9 (local) programmed into the code plug.  That’s all you need.
  2. Use unlink 4000 to disconnect from any active talk groups
  3. Long press 0 to get to Private ID, then press # to get to Talk Group ID.
  4. Direct enter the desired DMR talk group ID, ie 91 for worldwide or 31656 for America Link or 319759 for PRA Colorado mega group.
  5. Key up (PTT button) to enter the talk group.  That’s it.
  6. Unlink 4000 and repeat process to go to another talk group.



This is a simple way to get up and running with the Anytone 878 without an extensive code plug.


Bonus hack

  1. Go to and click on “last heard” Look at the destination column.  It changes quickly but it will tell you which talk groups are active.  Find an active talk group and direct enter it into the Anytone 878 as above.  I have found a few ongoing nets that way.





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For direct entry, change the hold time for manual dial TG to "infinite" in the CPS under Digital Func.  Then the TG "sticks" until you rotate the dial and or cerchunk to a new TG.

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