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DMR Simplex Net

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 - 446.2125
 - Slot 1
 - Color 1
 - TG 99
 - Thursday, 1930

This is bit experimental, so far. Bill - KI0FV started it a while back, but
stopped when it was just himself and one other station. I can reach Bill
all day long on simplex with 5 watts.

FWIW, I have TDMA Simplex and (errrrr...) Talk-Around, I think, set on my
channel for DMR simplex. Seems to work fine. Probably, the talk-around
doesn't matter, since I have TX/RX set to the same freq.

Be aware, the CSV file from the database dump on radioid is problematic.
They don't quote their fields. If it becomes something you care about, I
can supply much more information, and I can supply a fixed file. Or if you
just want to compare, let me know.

Jed - KD0YMG - w">
"... we have done as much with wireless telegraphy as is likely
to be done."; Sir William Preece, 1891


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