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Colorado SOTA and 14-er event

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Info here:

So many different ways to participate - you do not have to climb a mountain (although I *do* recommend that) to participate.  Chasers needed!

Maybe this should be in the weekly PRA e-mail?

73 - Dave

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It’s Back! The 2nd annual SOTAFest, presented by SoCal SOTA. August 7-8, 2021.  Coincides with the CO SOTA and 14er event.

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This years CO SOTA event kicks off a week long celebration of 10 years as a SOTA association:


The WØC 10 yr Anniversary event/challenge is starting on August 7th (in conjunction with the Colorado 14er event) and lasts 10 days. All details are available at the WØC-SOTA Website.

In a nutshell:

  • Activator challenge: Activate 10 (or more) 10K (or higher) summits (in WØC) within 10 days.
  • Chaser challenge: Chase Activators on 10 different (or more) qualifying WØC summits (10K or higher) within the 10 days.
  • Event Date: August 7th 0000h (MDST) until August 16th 2400h (MDST).
  • Log Submission: After each activation, Activators are encouraged to upload the results to the SOTA Website and send their .csv file (via email) to our CSO (Chief Spreadsheet Officer) Jim/NØIPA (N0IPA 'at' att 'dot' net). Daily results will be posted on the W0C-SOTA website.
  • Ranking: Criteria #1 is the # of activated summits (>=10K feet), for Chasers it is the # of contacts made with qualifying summits.
  • Prices: The top three in each category will receive a personalized and autographed print from  Dan Oldfield (NØOLD) Colorful Colorado collection.
Last but not lest a big THANK YOU to:
for stepping up and contributing to the event. 

Need more information or have questions? You can catch KØNR/Bob, NØDET/Dave and myself discussing the 14er and the 10-10-10 event in a Youtube live stream on the 'Red Summit RF' channel on Sunday August 1st at 4:00 pm PDT / 5:00 pm MDT.
Stay safe and 73
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