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Mobile transmitting  


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February 15, 2020 4:45 pm  

So I finally figured out my APRS issue, being hardware related, and am now facing a small conundrum on transmitting while mobile.

I'm using APRSDroid for the app, and have the cable that allows me to connect my phone to my UV-5R (hope to do a mobilinkd TNC in the future). My jeep has a UV-50X2 that as far as I can tell isn't compatible with an audio Jack style hookup for broadcasting the APRS packets from my mobile device. 

Obviously broadcasting the packets from my HT inside my jeep isn't a recipe for success, and I can only think of adding a switch so I can wire the HT to my antenna, or a 2nd antenna. Getting an APRS compatible rig is too cost prohibitive.

Any other thoughts or ideas?


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