With a couple blinks of the eye, we sit in the second half of 2021. Over the last couple of months, society has started to get back to the days of old where social gatherings have replaced social distancing. The same holds true for the PRA. We are back to full face-to-face meetings and as you read this, we are coming off another amazing ARRL Field Day. As we come prepared and ready for the second half of 2021, it is also good to reflect on the accomplishments that have carried us this far. Whether it is as a group or individual accomplishments, knowing what got you this far can springboard amazing possibilities in a very short period of time.

No doubt, the past 18-months has been filled with uncertainty and at times, stress. Uncertainty and stress can easily lead to negativity. What is absolutely certain is that negativity works 100% of the time. I know that for me, I’ve caught myself in the negativity trap more times than I care to admit over the last 18-months. Stress is handled differently, by each of us. What is amazing is how dynamic a stressful environment can be; remaining cool under pressure can be seen as an asset, or your unshaken nature could also be mistaken as a lack of interest. One way the PRA has strived to counter this is by overcommunicating. We have also learned the importance of putting our thoughts (and ourselves) in neutral so that we can control our mindset, which remains key on on how we respond to pressure. Ultimately, we have control over how we respond to others.

For the second half of 2021, it would be naïve to discount challenges ahead. We will face these challenges and together; the PRA is filled with amazing people that are selfless in giving away their time, talent and treasures freely in daily, weekly, monthly and annual occurrences. If you have not had the opportunity to take one net this year, you have the entire second half of 2021 to do so! (Hint, Hint). That is one simple way to selflessly give away your time, talent and treasure so that others can learn from your ability and willingness to serve. Selflessly giving away our time, talent and treasures builds a great culture with great people, which is what amateur radio, and the PRA, is all about demonstrating. As we come into the second half of 2021, may we bask in our accomplishments that have carried us this far in that knowing what got us to this point will springboard amazing possibilities and results going forward.

Dan – N2SRK
Parker Radio Association

1 thought on “Time for the Second Half

  1. Dan,

    Is the W0CFI analog repeater down? I have not been able to activate the repeater this week. On Saturday 7/17 I heard partial transmissions from what sounded like folks working on it. I was attempting to access the club analog repeater in anticipation of joining in on the Tuesday Nite net.

    I also just noticed the 6M analog repeater mentioned on this website. Is that repeater up and functional? I may have to rig a 6M antenna!!

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