Back in the 1980’s, American Express rolled out the marketing campaign and slogan “Membership has its privileges.” Not only do I have the honor of serving PRA as President, but I have the honor of serving ARRL members throughout the Rocky Mountain Division of the ARRL as Vice Director. Membership in the ARRL goes way beyond a monthly magazine. Knowing what your ARRL membership has and leveraging it will not only bring a whole new level of enjoyment of the amateur radio service to you, but it can also save you a boat load of money.

Since the inception of the Parker Radio Association, we have been committed to being an Affiliated Club with the ARRL.

At the forefront of ARRL Membership is QST Magazine. QST is the monthly membership journal of ARRL and is an amazing source for equipment reviews, technical tips, projects, and news. If you joined the ARRL recently, you also have electronic access to all QST publications since 1915! In having gone through a few issues from the 20’s and 30’s, I am fascinated by how many discussion on operating are still current today!

For new hams or those coming back into amateur radio, a new publication called On The Air is the ARRL’s newest publication. Each issue will introduces topics that will help you get more experience in the areas of equipment and modes, basic project building, operating tips and emergency communications. Articles are written in a very non-technical format and really paint a perfect picture of these elements in the amateur radio service.

From a learning aspect, the ARRL introduced the ARRL Learning Network. Members have access to live and recorded webinar series with presentations from member-volunteers who want to help you become more active, involved, and engaged in ham radio. Presentations are short; typically 30-minutes, with a 15-minute Q&A opportunity. A few upcoming examples are webinars on Life Beyond Repeaters, The Art and Science of Operating Ultra-Portable, and Finding & Fixing RFI. As a member of the ARRL, you have complete access to these resources.

Regarding my comment on saving a boat load of money, another amazing resource is an insurance program to cover all your amateur radio and related equipment…even computers. Only a $50 deductible applies and at a great rate of only $1.40 per $100 of equipment covered, this is a great way to not only cover your investments in equipment, but protect you in the inevitable event of a lightening strike, power surge, and even theft. Enrollment takes only a few minutes and you are automatically rated and coverage is in place.

The above are simply a few of the more recent and somewhat unknown privileges that ARRL members have available. Let’s not forget some of the other benefits including Outgoing QSL service, sponsored contests, operating awards, ARES training, hamfest and conventions, and VE Testing. One critical membership benefit is the ARRL efforts in supporting legislation in Washington, DC. The ARRL is committed to protecting access to frequencies assigned to amateur radio and as a member, you contribute to the efforts in preserving and protecting our privileges.

As a member of the PRA, and the ARRL, I highly encourage you to join the ARRL. Knowing what your membership entails opens up an entire buffet of opportunities to enhance your amateur radio journey. If you have any questions about the ARRL or its membership, drop me a note. If you are an ARRL member, thank you for being a member.

Dan – N2SRK
Parker Radio Association

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