A Monthly Update from the President’s Shack

With the month of March upon us, we have almost 17% of 2020 in the history books. A staggering number, for those that are aficionados of statistics. As a matter of perspective, we have 83% of the year in front of us. Since the start of 2020, the PRA has formed several key committees in the organization. The impact of those that stepped up to lead this committees has been nothing but amazing; those that stepped up to participate in these committees have helped our organization get things done quicker, with more impact, and immediate results. The key element of this is that because of direct member participation, the your amateur radio organization continues to grow.

Maybe committees just are not your thing. We get that, understand that, and appreciate where you are. Our organization is more than just committees, meetings and monthly presentations. We are active in regional events such as the upcoming HamCon 2020 Division Convention, giving back to the community with Scout events and opportunities to introduce amateur radio; we are active with annual events such as Pedaling 4 Parkinson’s, where we exercise our assets and talents as amateur radio operators and provide a service back to another amazing organization in their annual fund raising event. We also have weekly nets where we not only update on happenings of the PRA, but we exercise our privileges assigned to us as amateur radio operators. The PRA has become a wonderful buffet of opportunities for participation.

In the last two months, I want to thank not only the committee chairpersons, but those that are active in those committees. I also want to thank those that have been dedicated in being a net control operator for our nets. With a 135+ member organization, your participation is needed. If you’ve been inactive for a while, or a little hesitant to get on the air, we understand and want to help you cross that threshold. We’re here to meet you where you are in your amateur radio journey. If you look back on the last two months, we’ve gotten a lot done and if that pattern continues, we’re going to make such an impact on the amateur radio community in 2020. If you’re not on a committee, have not been a net control operator, or have not participated in an event like Pedaling 4 Parkinson’s, Field Day coordination, or the portable operations group, now is your time and you’re invited to jump in to help build your organization. Learn something, teach something while having fun, playing radio, and keeping the squelch loose – that is what the PRA is.

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